Introducing FairStreet

Sarah Jacobson

We're excited to introduce FairStreet to independent Medicare agents.

What is FairStreet?

FairStreet is the platform used by top independent insurance agents to help seniors navigate the dizzying array of health insurance options. Agents partner with FairStreet to modernize their back office and grow their business by focusing on what they love: serving clients.

Agents are underserved superheroes 

After speaking with hundreds of independent agents and people turning 65, one thing became very clear: the role of the independent agent is only becoming more important as the Medicare market becomes more complex.

Today, the majority of older adults turn to a trusted, local insurance expert for help navigating their choices. There are more than 1 million independent agents who sell plans from several different insurers and provide their clients with unbiased, expert advice. There’s often no one “right” answer but agents explain the pros and cons so someone can make the right choice for their needs.

At FairStreet, we’re excited to partner with some of the most experienced and caring agents who are deeply committed to serving their communities. We’re building the platform that these agents use to operate and scale their business and provide high-touch, data-driven services to their clients.

Why agents deserve better tools

Every single agent told us they are frustrated with the tools they use to run the business. Today, agents string together 5+ different systems to run their business, which leads to a nightmare of forgotten passwords, data entry mistakes, and time spent behind a computer instead of talking with clients.

Most agents get into the Medicare business to help people. Instead we found that agents spend at least 50% of their time managing their back office. There’s got to be a better way.

What goes into the back office?

Many agents are shocked by how much time is spent on managing their back office, instead of with clients. This includes

  • CRM: Keeping track of prospects, clients, policy information, and notes requires meticulous organization. Excel spreadsheets are too hard to manage once you develop a larger book of business.
  • Quoting: Agents spend hours researching which plan covers a client’s drugs and doctors to ensure they get the right coverage
  • Enrollment: Unless you have access to Connecture or Sunfire, agents need to learn the enrollment portal for each carrier that they contract with
  • Client follow up: The agent’s job doesn’t stop with enrollment. The best agents keep in touch with clients year-round and review plans annually
  • Compliance: CMS regulations change each year, so agents need to stay in compliance with all of their marketing, educational, and sales materials 
  • Commission tracking: Agents should make sure that each client they enroll shows up in their commission statement each month. In reality, most agents just hope that they’re getting paid correctly, but could be missing out on payments!  

We’re building a better way 

We think that agents should be spending all of their time in front of clients. That’s why we’re building the platform that puts everything a Medicare agent needs in one place: 

  • A simple CRM that’s integrated with quoting & enrollment 
  • Commission tracking
  • Automated client emails and mailed cards
  • Website & branding support

Agents who partner with FairStreet as their upline get access to the platform for free. They also get direct access to our team to help grow your business, including our partnership with the largest NMO on the West Coast and direct access to FairStreet’s founders.

Ready to take your business to the next level? 

We’re opening up early access to a select group of Medicare agents over the coming months. If you’re interested in learning more, schedule a demo with our co-founder, Sarah, below.

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